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Becoming a parent is a bliss which can’t be taken lightly. As a mom or dad, keeping the little one safe and secure to enjoy life represents a full time job. This is why we are not surprised to see so many parents search for the safest car seat money can buy. With a professional car seat attached to their vehicles, parents can drive without worries from one place to another. It is important to drive knowing that the child is kept out of harm’s way in the event of a crash. Fortunately you have the possibility to choose a reliable car seat, designed to respond well during crash situations.


Here is a comparison table on the safest car seats available on the market:

Maximum weight recommendation
Our rating
Best Price on:
Clek Foonf Convertible Child seatsafest car seat 201465 pounds$$$$Ablsgdhd
Britax Marathon G4 Convertible Car seatBritax Marathon G4 Convertible Car seat65 pounds$$$A+blsgdhd
Diono RadianRXT convertible car seatDiono RadianRXT convertible car seat120 pounds$$$$Ablsgdhd
Britax Pinnacle 90 Booster car seatBritax Pinnacle 90 Booster car seat120 pounds$$$B+blsgdhd
Chicco NextFit convertible car seatChicco NextFit convertible car seat65 pounds$$$B+blsgdhd
Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant car seat and baseChicco Keyfit 30 Infant car seat and base30 pounds$$Bblsgdhd

Clek Foonf Convertible Child seat


safest car seat 2014Are you looking for the safest infant car seat 2014? If you are then you might want to learn more things about ClekFoonf convertible car seat. This model combines advanced security and comfort features which keeps babies and children safe. It uses patented REACT Safety System which includes anti-rebound bar, energy-absorbing foam layers and firm metal sub-structure. This particularity diminishes any injury inflicted on the child in the unwanted event of a crash. You should know that it can fit children from 14 to 45 pounds in rear facing position and 20 to 65 pounds in forward facing position. The child seat in the event of a collision responds well through REACT system which manages to reduce by up to 40% pressure on the body. Furthermore the model uses LATCH system which allows you to install it fast. It can accommodate with ease children from 6 months up.

“I went through a lot of reviews before I finally decided to purchase this car seat from Clek. I choose it mainly because of its safety features. The multiple foam layers and REACT safety system convinced me this was the seat for my son. He sits comfortable in it and he didn’t complain about anything so far. I give this seat a 5 star rating and I believe it is the safest car seat 2014.” – Lucille G. Heaton

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Britax Marathon G4 Convertible Car seat


Britax Marathon G4 Convertible Car seatThere are thousands of Americans looking for the safest convertible car seat 2014. In the present the search for professional goes hand in hand with parental responsibility. Today, you have the possibility to invest in Britax USA Marathon G4 convertible car seat. This high quality model incorporates advanced safety and comfort features, which maintain children safe every moment of the ride. It was designed with precise head safety through Britax SafeCell technology. This particularity offers stability and high protection levels due to a couple of factors: integrated solid steel bars and energy absorbing Versa-Tether which go hand in hand in order to reduce head injury. As one of the safest infant car seat on the market, Marathon G4 accommodates different children in rear facing from 5 to 40 pounds and forward facing position from 20 to 65 pounds. You should also know that the car seat uses 5-point harness system for advanced protection positions during crash situations.

“Six months into using Britax Marathon G4 and I am completely satisfied with its every aspect. I am reassured that my child is safe because the impact test scores of this model are excellent. He is smiling always when he is in the car and this means he is very comfy.” – Beverly W. Burrough

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Diono RadianRXT convertible car seat


Diono RadianRXT convertible car seatOne of the safest convertible car seat was released by Diono, RadianRXT. This powerful car seat is already present in thousands of American cars, used by parents with diligence and trust. The model has a superb design with advanced safety features that can accommodate with ease children from birth to 120 pounds. It was designed for enhanced security levels, present every moment of the ride. This high quality car seat uses premium materials and advanced security functions like aluminum reinforced side walls, steel frame, personalized head support, advanced 5-point harness system and energy absorbing EPS foam. It uses SafeStop energy absorbing harness system which can deliver enhanced protection for children from 20 to 40 pounds. You should also know that the car seat meets the current Federal crash tests standards and meets NCAP as well. The seat includes the workings of secure SuperLATCH installation system, which takes only a few minutes from your time.

“I recommend Diono RadianRTX car seat because it has proven to me it has high quality and is extremely safe. I have no problems when installing it in my car’s backseat and my little one seems to be very comfortable. I suggest looking at its Federal crash test results, if you still are not sure of buying it.” – Kathy A. Stack

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Britax Pinnacle 90 Booster car seat


Britax Pinnacle 90 Booster car seatThere are many Americans searching for the safest infant car seat 2014 from the ones available on the market. How can you spot the right one for your child security needs? Well, most of the current parent reviews underline the efficiency of Britax USA Pinnacle 90 booster car seat. This model is very easy to install in your car and manage during rides. It uses the exclusive Clicktight Installation system which gives you the possibility to securely install the device in just a matter of minutes. Placed by specialists among the safest car seats 2014, this model uses Side Impact Cushion Technology and True Side Impact Protection system, which keep the little one safe and secure every moment of the drive. You should also know that the seat can keep growing toddlers safe. Day to day drives, long or short will be safer. The advanced security features of this model maintain the child safe in its place.

“The safety features are vital for a car seat and this is why I choose Britax Pinnacle 90 booster. My experience with it has led me to believe this model is definitely one of the safest car seats 2014. By far the most impressive safety feature is True Side Impact Protection system, which includes shock-absorbing foam.” – Janet C. Nunley

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Chicco NextFit convertible car seat


Chicco NextFit convertible car seatIt is very important to use the safest car seat from the ones available on the market, in order to protect your child. On long or short distances, the little one needs to enjoy a comfortable and secure environment. This is why you need to learn more things about Chicco NextFit infant car seat and base. It was designed with the latest safety and utility features, making every ride a smooth and worry free one. This car seat uses ReclineSure 9-position Levelling system which offers different recline positions in order to safely accommodate a wide range of vehicles. In addition, this model uses SuperCinch LATCH Tightener system which ensures tight and secure vehicle fit. The car seat from Chicco offers parents the possibility to choose from 6-position headrest features in order to accommodate better growing children. It also includes cup holders, present on each side of the car seat.

“My son has been using this seat for almost three months and he hasn’t shown the slightest sign of discomfort. He never gets thistly either because I place his favorite juice in one of the cup holders. The safest car seat reviews recommended this model to me and I am glad I took their advice.” – Sharon J. Williams

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Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant car seat


Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant car seat and baseIt is very important to treat child security with attention and utmost seriousness. Picking a model from the safest car seats available on the market today can take a while. Still, once you are properly informed on the current top rated models, you will discover that more and more people use with confidence Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant car seat and base. Why? Well, this model combines advanced safety and convenience features which keep the child safe and comfortable. It includes a removable newborn insert, offering you the possibility to accommodate the little one from birth to 30 pounds. Furthermore it comes with a special 5-point safety harness system and energy absorbing foam, which sets the basis for better protection levels. This model is fully equipped to maintain high comfort levels during drives, letting you cover long distances without worrying about the little one. Chicco technical expertise in child care is regarded by specialists as the very best.

“I was afraid this infant car seat from Chicco won’t prove comfy for my daughter and she would cry all the time while in the car. My fears evaporated after a few days of using it and seeing her sit quietly all through the drives we took. I don’t think there is a better infant car seat than this model.” – Annie M. Moses

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Britax B-Safe Infant car seat


Britax B-Safe Infant car seatThere are thousands of people that want to install in their vehicles advanced devices that can keep their children safe. Going through the safest car seats 2014 seems like the smart way to approach the situation. Parents need reliability, utility and safety during every moment of the drive. Now, you have the possibility to invest in Britax USA B-Safe Infant car seat, a model recognized for its premium security design. It has a lightweight format which makes it easy for you during travels to carry the little one around. Furthermore the car seat was designed and safely engineered in order to meet the highest security standards. It features side impact protection and advanced energy-absorbing foam liner for better impact force management. In matters of comfort, this model comes equipped with comfort pads, harness pads and also a large canopy which keep children comfortable during every moment of the drive.

“I was aware the reputation of car seats made by Britax and after doing some research on the B-safe mode for infants, I knew this was the model to buy. My son is comfortable in it, he can move his arms and legs freely and most importantly he is safe.”  – Rhonda F. Davis  


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